Discover 10 Incredible Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

Video marketing is really important for businesses. Some people think it’s the same as video advertising, but it’s actually more than that. In this article, we’ll talk about the good things that video marketing brings in 2023.

Videos are all over the place. They’re on every social media site because people love watching them. It’s a big mistake if businesses don’t use videos to their advantage. Video marketing should be the most important part of any marketing plan.

Now, let’s learn more about 10 incredible benefits of video marketing for businesses.

1. Videos are Adored Worldwide

On a regular day, people spend around 100 minutes watching videos. We watch a lot of videos because we really like looking at things. When you want to advertise, it’s smart to choose the places where lots of people go.

Making videos the main focus of your marketing is the way to go. The sooner businesses understand this, the faster they’ll start doing well.

2. Good Videos Can Increase Your Website Traffic

Did you know that most of the stuff people do on the internet involves watching videos? About 82% of the things we see online are videos. And when videos make people more likely to open things, click on stuff, and do what a website wants them to do, it means more people will visit that website.

3. Videos Assist in Establishing Trust

Seeing is believing. That’s why regular stores won’t go away. Actually going to a store and touching things is really important.

But if you can’t do that, the next best thing is to see the product in a video. When you watch a video about a product, you start to trust it more. And when you trust something, you’re more likely to become a customer.

4. Videos Can Boost Your Return On Investment (ROI)

What happens when you do a good job at getting more people interested, convincing them to buy, getting them to open things, clicking on stuff, and reaching more people on social media? You end up making more money.

Some people think video marketing costs a lot, but it doesn’t. All you need is a camera and a microphone. And even though it doesn’t cost a lot, video marketing can make you 52% more money compared to other ways of advertising.

Videos are really helpful in making your website show up higher on Google. They also help with something else that’s really important for your website. It’s called backlink generation. Backlinks make your website more visible to people.

They also make your website more trustworthy and important. According to SEO experts Moz, if you put videos on your website, you can get three times more backlinks.

6. Video Marketing Boosts the Number of People Who Buy Things and the Money a Business Makes

What keeps a business going? The money it makes. A business needs to make money to keep running. That’s why businesses spend a lot of money on marketing, so they can find their customers. Video marketing is the best way to get people excited about your business.

When you have videos on a webpage, more people will buy things. In fact, they can make 80% more people buy things. Interactive videos also help get more people interested in your business.

They can make 18% more people want to learn about your business. Videos are so good at convincing people that 74% of customers buy something after watching a video about it.

7. Videos Revolutionize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Using videos in emails and reaching out to people has a lot of good things. When you put the word “video” in the subject line of an email, more people will open it. In fact, it can make 26% more people open your email.

Videos also make more people want to click on things in the email. They can make 65% more people click on stuff compared to emails with just words. If you use videos in your emails, it will make your email marketing really strong. And when you do that, you’ll see amazing things happen.

8. Videos Enhance the Ranking of Your Website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

When you have videos on a webpage, fewer people leave right away. This means the bounce rate goes down by 35% compared to pages with just words and pictures. When people stay on a page for a longer time, it’s good for your website’s ranking on Google.

Google cares about how long people stay on a page when they decide how to rank things. With videos, you can make people stay longer, and that helps your ranking on Google.

9. Expand Your Reach on Social Media Platforms

As a business, you want lots of people all around the world to know about your brand and product. That way, more people will want to buy it. But going to trade shows and advertising in many countries can be really expensive.

Here’s the good news: with videos, you can reach customers all the way to the other side of the world without even leaving your place. Videos get shared a lot more than just words and pictures. In fact, they get shared 1200% more. So videos are like a fast way for your product to become famous everywhere.

10. Video Marketing is the Current and Upcoming Trend

Videos have always been really exciting to people. They are the most watched type of content in everything, like when we want to have fun, watch sports, or even when we want to learn about new products.

Videos have become even more popular than other types of content in every field. They have stayed really important because they keep getting better and better. Videos can also be made in different sizes. That’s why videos will keep being the best way to do marketing.

Conclusion on the Incredible Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

In the end, video marketing is really good for your business. If you have a good plan for video marketing, your business can go really far.

But you need to make sure your video marketing plan is as perfect as possible. To make a perfect plan, you should work with a video hosting platform that focuses on video marketing.

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