Follow These 8 Secrets to Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral!

Instagram is a really popular social media site that started in 2010. On the first day it started, 25,000 people joined! It’s a place where people can share pictures and videos with each other.

Lots of businesses also use it to tell people about their products. Instagram is always changing and adding new things. One of the best things they added is called Instagram Reels.

When you make an Instagram Reel, it has to follow some rules. If you don’t know the rules, it can be hard to become famous on Instagram. But don’t worry! We have some secrets to make your Instagram Reels go viral and help you get lots of views on your Reels.

But first, let’s learn how the Instagram algorithm works.

How Does The Reels Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm is like a set of rules that decide which posts and accounts you see more of. It tries to guess what kind of content you like and shows you more of that. When you watch an Instagram Reel all the way through, it tells the algorithm that you like that kind of content.

Then, you’ll see more Reels like that and from that creator. To make sure you see things you’re interested in, Instagram looks at:

  • What you do on Instagram
  • How do you interact with the person who made the Reel?
  • Information about the Reel itself
  • Information about the person who made the Reel

Instagram recently made a change to the algorithm for Reels. Now, it gives more importance to high-quality and original content.

This means you can’t just share videos from other platforms like TikTok and expect them to do well on Instagram. The algorithm also likes funny, interesting, and entertaining Reels the most.

The Secrets to Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral

If you’ve noticed that Instagram has changed its rules and you’re not getting as many likes and comments as you expected, don’t worry! I can help you make some small changes to get better results and beat the algorithm.

1. Always Follow the Latest Trend

Making content is a great way to reach more people and stay popular online. The Instagram algorithm likes it when you make content that’s currently popular. So, if you make a Reel about something that’s trending, more people will see it.

Sometimes trends can be things like fun challenges or cute dances. You can even start your own trend and ask your followers to join in. Just make sure to use a special hashtag so people can find your Reel easily.

But remember, even though Reels are fun, it’s important to stay professional and true to your brand. Don’t jump on trends that could harm your reputation. Stick to trends that are relevant to your target audience and match their values. Otherwise, a silly 60-second video could make you lose followers.

Here’s a secret tip: If you’re running out of ideas, you can use a tool called Google Trends. It shows you all the topics that are currently popular. Pick one that relates to your industry and make content about it.

2. Learn and Follow Instagram Community Guidelines

It’s really important to follow Instagram’s rules so that more people can see your Reels. If you break the rules, your content could get banned! So, make sure you don’t create offensive content because Instagram is used by people who are 13 years old and older.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use strong or hurtful language: Instagram is used by people from all walks of life, so it’s important to be careful with the words you use. Make sure your content doesn’t have any language that can hurt or offend others. Creating content that is clean and respectful will also help you maintain a good reputation.
  • Make content that’s appropriate for all ages: Since there are younger people on Instagram, it’s best to avoid showing nudity in your content. Let’s all work together to make Instagram a safe and friendly place for everyone, regardless of age.
  • Avoid spamming: Instead of trying to trick the system by buying fake likes and comments, focus on building real and meaningful connections with your audience. Instagram removes content that looks like spam, so it’s important to create content that doesn’t contain threats or hate speech.

By following these guidelines, you’ll have a better chance of getting your Reels seen by more people on Instagram!

3. Don’t be Lazy, Edit Your Reels First!

One way to make your videos more interesting is to edit them like a pro! Remember, Instagram likes content that looks good. Sometimes, the original videos you take may not look perfect, maybe the camera quality or lighting isn’t right.

But don’t worry! Nowadays, you can fix these issues easily using digital tools. All you have to do is download your Instagram Reel video to your phone, edit it with a special app, and then upload it again!

Here are some tips for editing your Reels:

  • Make your Reels more dynamic by combining different scenes. You can use Instagram’s feature to put together multiple clips and make it like a mini-movie. Try using clips shot in different places to make your videos more interesting. Just remember to keep the total length of your Reel to 60 seconds.
  • Use the Align tool to create a fun appearing-disappearing effect. This tool can make objects or people appear or disappear between scenes. Some creators use it to show outfit changes or makeup transformations. It’s like magic when a different look suddenly pops up on the screen!
  • Collaborate with other creators using the Remix tool. This tool lets you record your Reel alongside someone else’s. You can sing together or react to their interesting Reel using Remix. It’s a fun way to work with others and make cool videos.

By using these editing tips, your Reels will look even more amazing on Instagram!

4. As Always, Upload With High-Quality Video

If you want to be a successful content creator, it’s important to remember that low-quality content won’t get you far. If you’ve chosen this profession, be dedicated and don’t try to take shortcuts. Put in the hard work to create great content, and you’ll see the results.

High-quality content will attract the followers you’ve always wanted, and maybe even that coveted blue tick! So, never compromise on the quality of the content you share. To create high-quality content, it’s important to understand your audience. They hold the key to creating content that gets lots of views.

Pay attention to what your audience wants, and when you give it to them, you’ll be closer to achieving your social media goals. Additionally, use a good camera to record your videos and upload them in the right format and resolution.

Lastly, always upload your content using a Wi-Fi connection. Instagram reduces the quality of Reels when the network is slow or weak. If your network isn’t strong, your videos could end up looking blurry or pixelated. So, make sure to use a reliable Wi-Fi connection when uploading your Reels.

5. Make Content That People Love to Share

When Instagram users find Reels that they can relate to, they often share them with their friends. If they find the content interesting, they may even start following the creator. More shares mean more people see your Reels, and that leads to more likes and comments. So, if you want to become popular on Instagram, create Reels that people will want to share!

Many users share Reels that are innovative and informative, like DIYs and tutorials. If you want to create a buzz around your Instagram Reels, make sure people can connect with them. Create content that aligns with the values your audience cares about, and don’t be afraid to ask people to share it.

Many content creators even ask directly for shares. At the end of your Reels, add a call to action asking people to like, comment, and share your content.

In addition to making your Reels relatable, make them useful too. A study by the New York Times found that almost 90% of users consider how useful the content is before sharing it.

So, to create valuable Reels, first, identify the problem you’re addressing and the people you’re talking to. Make sure your Reels provide helpful information or solutions. By creating relatable and useful Reels, you’ll increase your chances of becoming an Instagram sensation!

6. Make Vertical Videos Not the Horizontal Version

Did you know that almost 80% of people who watch social media videos do so on their smartphones? Knowing this, Instagram is making changes to improve the experience for mobile users, and one of those changes is the trend of vertical videos.

From TikTok to Instagram to YouTube, many popular social media platforms encourage creators to make videos in vertical mode. Vertical videos are more friendly for mobile devices because you don’t have to tilt your phone to watch them properly. It’s easier to scroll through Reels, double-tap to like them and watch them without adjusting your phone.

Interestingly, a newsletter called AdNews mentioned that about 70% of Millennials don’t flip their phones when a landscape video appears. This means that if you don’t use vertical videos, you might lose your audience’s interest.

Another study by Buffer found that around 187% more people watched at least half of a vertical video compared to other formats. So, it’s important to shoot your Instagram Reels in vertical mode. Also, remember that the ideal size for Instagram Reels is 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.

By using vertical videos, you’ll make your Instagram Reels more engaging and appealing to mobile users.

7. Use Music from What Instagram Reels Provide

Imagine watching videos without any sound! Unless it’s a Charlie Chaplin movie, it can be pretty boring. Music helps make videos more engaging and immersive, which means you’re likely to get more views if you add it to your videos.

Plus, you can expand the reach of your Instagram Reels by using popular sounds or songs available in Instagram’s music library. Creating Reels with trendy music can potentially boost your engagement. If you want to know if a song is popular enough to add to your video, just tap on the song at the bottom of the video.

Instagram will show you how many people have used that sound for their Reels. If lots of people have used the sound, using it in your video will likely get you more views. So, don’t forget to add some catchy tunes to your Instagram Reels to make them more fun and appealing to your viewers!

8. Original Content is Always the Best

Copying or plagiarizing content will harm your chances of being discovered on Instagram. As I mentioned earlier, you won’t get many views if you upload videos from other platforms. Even if you’re following trends, it’s important to add your own unique touch.

When creating original content, make use of Instagram’s tools like filters, GIFs, and stickers to increase your views and engagement.

Creating original content brings several benefits. Firstly, original Reels will attract the right audience. They will see you as an expert in your specific area of interest and engage more with your content by liking, commenting, and sharing your Reels.

In addition, original content will catch the attention of reputable brands, leading to potential high-paying partnerships. Remember, your Instagram feed serves as a portfolio. Brands that are looking to collaborate with influencers will evaluate you based on the content you share, and authentic content will impress them.

So, always strive to create original content that stands out and reflects your unique style. It will help you attract the right audience and gain the attention of brands for potential partnerships.

Conclusion on Secrets to Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral

That’s all there is to it, everyone! With these helpful tips, you can create amazing Instagram Reels. By implementing these hacks, you’ll have a better chance of creating Reels that go viral and catch the attention of brands.

However, bridging the gap between brands and influencers can sometimes be challenging. That’s where Ditttos comes in! We’re here to help build that bridge for you. We can create content that attracts more viewers, we’ll work on connecting your audience and becoming big that you truly deserve.

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