Wow Extra Benefits! Here Are Skincare Ingredients That Can Be Used Together

Marsha Beauty – Using several types of skincare products at one time seems to be becoming a trend. Did Marshalova do the same treatment? It is only right that the skincare combination you use is right to avoid the risk of the wrong combination. Some skincare products are found to be more effective when used together, especially those presented in the package series. In order to get the optimal benefits, let’s find out what skincare content can be used at the same time!

Skincare products and the like

There are many types of skin care or skincare products. Starting from serums, masks, moisturizers, and more. Often in skin beauty treatment tutorials found the use of different skincare products simultaneously. This is only valid as long as the combination is right.

The reason is that each skincare product has a different content formulation. It could be some nice synergistic content when meeting. However, it should also be noted that the wrong combination also risks skin problems. Therefore, Marsha Beauty invites you to study the content of any skincare that is safe to use together to get more optimal results. Keep stay tuned ya!

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Skincare Content That Can Be Worn Together, Guaranteed To Stay Safe

Here are some skincare content that can be used together, including the following:

Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Vitamin C and vitamin E both have good antioxidant content. These two vitamins are also often the mainstay in skin protection from UV exposure. Who would have thought that if both are used together it will increase its effectiveness.

As for vitamin C, it is more effective against oxidative damage to the skin if met with vitamin E. The use of these two skincare ingredients will increase the skin’s resistance to UV rays. The rest of vitamin C helps brighten your skin, while vitamin E helps maintain skin texture.

Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol

Increasing age makes the skin condition more brittle and thin. This condition is what causes wrinkles, blackheads, or other skin problems. The content of retinol in skincare can be relied upon to overcome these skin problems. However, it is not uncommon for the use of retinol to cause dry skin.

Therefore, at the beginning of use, it is often recommended to apply it once a week. Furthermore, it can gradually increase the intensity of use. In this case the use of retinol and hyaluronic acid simultaneously minimizes dry skin due to the use of retinol. Because hyaluronic acid ensures the skin is hydrated and always moist.

Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C.

Glycolic acid is beneficial in increasing collagen synthesis and destroying the basal layer melanin. While vitamin C plays a role in preventing the formation of melanin and brightening the skin.

When two skincare products with these two ingredients are used together, then you will get a synergistic combination. The compilation of both is another efficacious against blackheads and disguises acne scars. This is as stated in the Diponegoro Medical Journal 2021.

Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide

Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide are both ingredients that work to brighten the skin. Combining the two turns out to increase its efficacy. Additional benefits include speeding up the process of brightening the skin and at the same time effectively alleviate acne scars.

The combination of these two ingredients is safe for all skin types. As for if you have a problem with excess sebum, you are lucky because Niacinamide will help control the production of skin sebum.

Peptides and Retinol

Peptides include skincare content that can stimulate collagen production. Peptides in the new formulation are also known to stimulate skin cells through a faster regeneration process.

As you know the use of retinol can make the skin dry and irritated. The combination of peptides and retinol is actually able to regenerate the skin and tighten the skin with the condition of skin moisture that is maintained. The application of these two ingredients is also recommended at night before bed to get optimal benefits.

Those are some skincare content that can be used together so that Marshalova can get the benefits of more optimal care. Hopefully useful